This manual is aimed as a guide for prospective helicopter private pilot license students and to provide an overview of the training required. It is also an aid for the instructor and forms the basis for each lesson in terms of the theory and practical aspect required for each lesson.

The idea is to allow the student before each lesson a complete understanding of what will be required theoretical and practical for each lesson.

It must be stressed that this is a guide and does not replace any document or regulation pertaining to flying, all the information; though all care is taken to be accurate; is not guaranteed and the onus is on the pilot in command to ensure all the legalities are followed and the correct information is obtained, therefore the author shall not be held responsible for any errors or omissions in this guide.

All of the lessons are based on the Robinson R22, being the most popular for training in South Africa, however, lessons can be adapted for various other model helicopters.

About the author

He joined the South African Air Force as a pupil pilot in 1979. Completed training on Harvards and the Alouette III; received his Wings in 1981.

During his 18 year Air Force career he also flew the Puma, Oryx (Super Puma) and the Dauphin. He gave instruction on all the types.

He qualified as a NVIS instructor, as well.

After his resignation, he was employed as CFI at Helicopters Unlimited and later as Director Training at the Starlite Aviation Group.

Since his qualification as Instructor during 1988, he gathered 8000 hours of instruction and a total of 12600 hours.

He holds ratings on 32 types/variants of aircraft and was appointed as a SACAA Designated Flight Examiner in 2012.

Koos Myburgh

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